Happy Independence Compatriots: The Nigerian Hope is Immortal

Hey Brethren it is Independence Day, Nigeria is an amazing 56 years old! It is a sad truth that there is almost nothing to celebrate about Nigeria’s 56th birthday. Officially the country is in recession.

Happy Independence People: The Nigerian Hope is Immortal

Frying delicious stew with an amazing aroma is the easiest way to get your house rent increased as your landlord feels you are rich enough to have a sumptuous meal of rice. It takes extreme generosity to open your door to someone knocking when you are eating. Things are that hard that people are eyeing coffins as five-star hotels hoping to lodge in them;resting in death. The crows of the hen which used to be melodious nature’s harps waking us to a very lovely day in Nigeria are now whips that wake us up to another day of suffering getting our daily bread. Calling Nigeria the Giant of Africa today is a national “washee”.

Yet there is still hope. What do you know of the lovely Angry Birds you play in joy? Did you know that Rovio Entertainment, who happens to be a Finish video game developer making the famous creator of “Angry Birds” really suffered before the mega-hit of Angry Birds? If you must win, Angry Birds happened to be the “52nd” game launched by the software maker. And in more hardworking details, the company have exhausted over eight years working on other games – and it was that terrible that none of them was a real success. It is very possible that you have not even heard of least even played games like “Collapse Chaos”, “Need for Speed Carbon”, and the “Darkest Fear” series, but none really made it.

And even as at the time “Angry Birds” was released, the initial three months were really very slow for Rovio. This didn’t really discourage the company, as it went on working until this mega game finally went big time global. And by 2012, “Angry Birds Space” ascended to the position of the fastest-selling mobile game historically when it went on to break records of over 50 million times in just 35 days after its launch.

So taking a cue from this, the current economic dilapidation of our dear country shouldn’t discourage us. We shouldn’t take shelter in the arms of crime however welcoming it has become of late. We must keep our honest hustle on. Because truth is our Naira might crash, but the Nigerian Hope is immortal! Happy Independence compatriots!

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