The Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail

Every day, we see new blogs launched but the sad fact is that most of these blogs fail & fade away after publishing few posts. I think one of the main reasons why new blogs fail & fade away is because most bloggers don’t have specified goals to work toward. Most of them fail because they believe in overnight success, they don’t believe in process. Maybe they expect to be successful overnight, and they get upset when it doesn’t happen.


Today, I want us to see some common mistakes made by new bloggers.

Most blog fail & fade away because of many reasons, but the first reason I will discuss is that some people believe and think that once they start blogging, they will start making money from it from its inception. So to be sincere with you, blogging is not for the lazy type neither is it for those that are looking for ways to be rich overnight. You need to put in a lot of time, effort and commitment to your blog before you can expect any return.

Another reason why most blogs fail & fade away is that their owner doesn’t update them often or at all. The fact remains that, once you are planning to become a blogger, you must always be ready to make constant updates so that readers will come back again and again. Remember that in blogging, the more readers you’re able to attract to your blog, the more money you will make.

Another reason why most blogs fail & fade away is because they don’t have focus and they are goalless. A goalless blog will lack direction which will in turn make the blogger become bored and quit blogging.

In conclusion, though the reasons why most blogs fail & fade away are many, but if you keep going with these simple tips, you will become successful in no time. Remember that professional bloggers don’t give up so refuse to give up on your blog and if your blog is dead already, plan to bring it back to existence. I started in June 2011, with no readers except me alone. But today, it’s now a PR2 blog with many readers and I’m now making something out of it though this is not the only blog am controlling. Am not bragging, I just want to get you inspired. Persistence and Commitment keep me going.

See your blog on top in 2012.

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