Learn How You Can Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers

If you wish to make your facebook account free from hackers, you need to take some security measures to be safe from account theft and security breaches.

Today, I want to share some measures you need to put into consideration if you don’t want to lose your facebook account to hackers.


Here are the measures you’ll need to put into consideration.

1. Change Your Facebook Password
First and foremost, you need to change your facebook account password and make it strong. To change your facebook password, login with your old password, click on “Account”, click on “Account Settings”, then click “Change” beside Password on the third line. Then enter your old password followed by your new password twice. Try to make your new password strong as shown in the image below.


Strong password are made up of alphabets and numbers

2. Use secure connections on Facebook i.e. use HTTPS instead of HTTP
Using secure connections on facebook will encrypt your communication. To use secure connections on facebook, click on “Account Settings”, and then click on “Account Security”. Tick on “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible”. Then save.

3. Approve Each Facebook Login Attempt
This feature is called Two Factor Authentication. Facebook security team created this security measure recently to make users account more secure. Two Factor Authentication work like this, you add a phone number to your facebook account so everytime you login into your account, the server will send you a onetime verification code through SMS. Though it may seem tedious, but it is a good way to secure your account from hackers & unauthorized login. To activate this feature on your facebook account, click on “Account Settings” and then “Account Security”. Under “Login Approvals”, tick “Require me to enter a security code sent to my phone”. Then Save.

4. Activate Text Message Notification
Facebook allows you to receive notifications through text messages whenever your account is accessed from an unknown device different to your primary computer and mobile device. To activate text message notification on facebook, click “Account Settings” and then “Account Security”. Under “Login Notifications” “Tick send me a text message”. Then save

5. Track Your Activities on Facebook.
 Tracking your activities on Facebook will make it easier for you to recognize unauthorized activities. To enable this feature on facebook,
i. Click Account Settings > Account Security.
ii. Check the “Most Recent Activity and “Your recognized devices:”
iii. If you recognize any unrecognized activity click End and Change your password.

6. Report to Facebook Security Team
If you facebook account has been hacked, you can report to facebook directly by mail: Privacy@facebook.com. If your account has been compromised and taken over by a phisher then report the page @ Facebook Phished Account Report . Also you can report malicious links @ this page : Malicious Link Report.

Though there are more ways to protect your account, but these 6 measures are the most important.

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