A Sneak Peek into Microsoft Project Spartan

Windows is the arguably the leading OS on PC; but, it has its flaws and one of the major ones till Windows 8.1 remains IE. For those of you who surf the web regularly, you would agree with me that IE is not on your list of preferred web browsers to stream videos or run HTML5 web pages or even some flash images.

microsoft spartan project

Microsoft has agreed to revisit the design of their native browser and is revamping it under the name project Spartan (which might not be the name when it is actually released in the upcoming Windows 10).

Project Spartan is still under the works, but developers and beta testers around the world are testing it out and giving Microsoft feedbacks on what they think about it.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, you can sign up here. We at JustNaira have taken the pain to test it out and we have seen that they have given IE a total makeover. Project Spartan is not only pretty but a lot faster too and it also meets the latest web standards. Some of the notable features are:

  • Microsoft’s virtual assistant – Cortana, which gives helpful information as you load web pages and such.
  • Doodling (Which is a lot more appreciated if you use a touch enabled device).
  • Reading mode which is very similar to using Pocket and it syncs across all your Windows powered devices.

Project Spartan is already available on Windows Phone 10

Below is a preview of what Project Spartan looks like. (NOTE: It is still in beta mode so don’t expect a chrome competitor or something of the sort).

Cortana suggesting useful information while searching.

Cortana suggesting useful information while searching.

Who knows, I might start to use IE as my daily driver (just kidding)…..

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