Google’s Phone app now able to prevent spam calls

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Google’s phone app is now able to filter out calls that it has detected and out of conviction knows to be spam and ultimately sending them directly to voicemail. Your phone will not ring and no missed call notification will be sent to you for any calls that Google weeds out.

If the spam callers happen to leave a voicemail such as the common line of gab about charges that are being filed against you over taxes you owe for example, this may end up in your voicemail. But then again, as reported by our sources, you won’t get a notification about it. on its help page, Google said, “You’ll still see filtered calls in your call history and be able to check any voicemail you receive.”

And what’s more important is that you will not be getting constant interruptions by a phone that is vibrating each time a phone call comes in. you can enable this option by simply toggling it from the settings area of the Phone app.

Our sources say that the Phone app can already identify a suspected spam call by turning the entire screen of your phone red when it rings and in that way you get a visual indicator that you don’t need to pick the call.

One thing worth noting is that this feature only functions when Google can successfully detect a spam call. Sometimes, it fails to pick up on neighbourhood spoofing – those provoking calls that share the same area code and first few numbers of your own phone number. Be that as it may, you can be of assistance to Google’s system and ultimately other individuals by reporting the nuisances that do manage to get through as spam right there within the Phone app.

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