It is now much easier to save links in Gmail Inbox

Google has not only done the unveiling of the fresh-out-of the block Chrome OS and disclosing a handful of Chrome browser stats, Google has also done a good job at updating the Inbox by Gmail service. With this new update in place, the user would be able to maintain better way to stay within reach of his newsletters, events, as well,as links.

It is now much easier to save links in Gmail Inbox

It is now much easier to save links in Gmail Inbox

The new Save to Inbox feature is presented as a component of the most recent
app update. In simplicity, it replicates some of the features of the Pocket app where you have to save links to articles or other content which you intend returning to later on. If you want to save all the links at one place as a bundle inside Inbox, Google has made available a specialized extension on the Chrome Web Store. When you install this, you will be able to simply click on the Inbox ‘envelope’ icon which happens to appear on the address bar; and after that you could save the webpage which you have possibly opened at that interval inside your Inbox. That is your Gmail account.

After this, you could later on access the account so as to get a view of all the links inside the “Saved” bundle. But then in some dissimilarity with the Pocket app, this Save to Inbox feature sends the user straight to the very original URL rather than formatting it in a view in which it is much easier to read.

Although the Save to Inbox extension is basically for Chrome desktop users, this doesn’t stop the the feature from being as well available for iOS and Android equally. All the requirement there to this is tapping on the share icon which you have in the Chrome app, after this, you could save the link in your Inbox by Gmail account,alright?.
You could get your hands on these links when you get to the “Saved” folder inside the email app.

In the condition where you are in possession of more than one Google account, you could similarly make your preference of the account which you would love the links to be saved. It is also possible to directly share the link through an email. This way, it is possible to open your selected Inbox account as well as with a mail compose box coming alongside the link in the body. This simply demanding you to just add the senders email. You could see the options in the prompt box when you are saving the link.

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