8 New Advancements to Blogger Template HTML Editor

Blogger, one of the best and commonly used blogging platform owned by Google recently updated their Blogger Template HTML editor.

Blogger New Template Editor

This new blogger template HTML editor is flexible and easy to use. It comes with some outstanding features that make it better than the former interface. Am very sure bloggers that love to tweak their blog template will find this new interface user friendly. Thanks to the blogger team for making Blogger template HTML editor much more comfortable with the new features that come with the new interface.

The Blogger Template HTML editor gives you access to edit your blog source code any how you like. The improved HTML template editor now consists of the following features.

Before you proceed, check all the customizations to make your .

1. Syntax Highlighting

The first thing you will notice when you visit Blogger Template HTML editor page is some sort of codes that form your blog source code are in different colors. This added feature will make blog template codes readable.

Syntax Highlighting in New Blogger Template Editor

2. Line Numbering

This let me remind the old HTML editor interface that gives lining and column reference when you make mistakes, but then it was difficult to get the specified line in the code. But with the new HTML editor, errors can now be easily spotted.

3. Auto-Identification

When you are going to format HTML code this feature will help you to make your work easier and faster way, while it helps you keep your code organize. This will automatically indents your code so as, you will be able to do coding in faster way as compare to previous interface. You can click on the Format Template option to wipe out the indentation of an entire template.

4. Code Folding

This is another feature added to the new interface of the Blogger template HTML editor. This makes editing of template much easier, as users will be able to fold a code when they are done with it. From the image below, you will see a small, grey arrow (►) next to line number 4. If you look at the line number below line number 4, you will see 1181, which simply implies that the editor has saved me from scrolling down through 1177 lines of code.

Code Folding in New Blogger Template Editor

5. Jump to Widget

This feature now helps bloggers to easily jump to a particular section of the template they wish to edit.

Jumb to Widget in New Blogger Template Editor

6. Preview Template

With the new HTML editor interface, you can now easily preview your blog from the source code.

7. Replace All Tool

You can now easily replace character(s) with another. To replace words on Windows PC, use Ctrl+Shift+R, while MAC users should use Command+shift+R. A text field will appear on the HTML editor page where you can type the character(s) you want to replace with another. Press enter on your keyboard; another box will appear displaying “with” text. So type the character you want to replace with the former one you typed earlier and then press enter again to make the change.

Replace All Tool in New Blogger Template Editor

8. Inbuilt Search Tool

A search tool has been imbedded into the Blogger new template Editor. To make use of this feature, simply press Ctrl+F on your keyboard. A small box will show on the top-right side of the HTML editor.

Inbuit Search Tool in New Blogger Template Editor

Hope you like these new features introduced into Blogger template editor? Share your experience with these new features via the comment box below.

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