Hullo: Google Play Store Update Sizes Will Now Display Exactly

Google has added a very tasty feature which I nurse a personal relish for. Some time ago we had Google Play store rolling out some updates for the app which tells you if the app has an ad. Now another update which I find more interesting is that we can now have the correct size of updates displayed correctly on Google Play.

Hullo: Google Play Store Update Sizes Will Now Display Exactly

Though this would have definitely sounded more interesting during the days of when we use to have storage issues; it is yet of the essence for one to really know the size of the update before proceeding on the installation. Even now it is yet a thing of concern for those of us who play games and make use of a hefty number of apps on our tablets and smartphones. This is because it would be better to know the amount of space the update would particularly take. So now, we will be having Google Play Store displaying the correct size of large apps before installation. This move of displaying the actual size of the files for an app update is a very welcome development to me.

This update is referred to as the Delta app updates, such that users would no longer need to make the full re-download of the complete app file each time we have an update rolled out. You will agree with me that for those of use who intend keeping watch on any new set of data downloaded to their devices, having the ability to determine even the tiny small amounts of data sizes for an update is really of such prime relevance.

Even aside from this move, the progress bar which will be popping following your initiating an app update download, will now have to display the exact file size to correspond with the actual update size, which is way different from the full size of the app. And again, though little details are not really very mandatory, they would go along way in keeping things well composed so as to enjoy an improved streamlined mobile experience.

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