Tutorial: Hiding Your Contact Photos in Messages on the iPhone

If you take the default we have on an iPhone 6/6 Plus or even 6S/6S Plus, photos for your contacts will have their display in the Messages app. But this wouldn’t suit everyone; if you choose not to really see those photos, though, there is a very simple setting with which you could hide them.

There are quite a number of reasons which would necessitate you to hide the photos in Messages. It could be you are not in possession of photos for many of your contacts, and you are kind of opposed to viewing the default silhouette. Or, rather it may be the case where you simply feel like seeing an improved screen real estate more particularly suited to the messages, such that this way you could view each message in the list.

Just in any case, this small tutorial would enlighten you on the means to finding the setting to hide the photos in Messages.

To start with, just tap “Settings” on the Home screen.

After that, tap “Messages” on the Settings screen.

Now on the slider button on the Messages screen, Tap the “Show Contact Photos”. This will turn off the option.

When the option is off, the slider button will turn white.

At this moment, you can see there is no photo next to the contact names in the Messages app in view.

Please kindly note, this small tweaks only exclusively applies to the iPhone 6/6 Plus as well as the 6S/6S Plus. At least for now, they happen to be the only iPhones which will show you contact photos in the Messages app.

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