How you can enjoy Google Allo’s latest added ability to share documents and other files

Many of us could have forgotten Google Allo, not too unlikely though. But Google has not forgotten it yet trust me. And periodically,Google turns the executive chair to face Allo and beef it up with some updates. Just of late Google threw in stickers into the features of Allo upping its sophistication. And now Google is rolling in more to bring Google Allo to the contemporary frenzy its rivals like WhatsApp boast of. And what is Google Allo bragging about this time?

Yeah what we have now which Google Allo is adding is the functionality to share documents as well as a variety of other files. This file extension that Google brings stretches across .doc, .pdf, .apk, .mp3, and .zip. This certainly brings in excitement for Allo users even if WhatsApp already offer such feature. But at least you are not going to enjoy this feature on Facebook Messenger.

So how can you share file on Google Allo? You will have to deploy the fresh paper clip icon you can see above when you are having a chat on Allo. So when you click on it, you will be transferred to your files (that is the file explorer of your device). There is however one limitation here as you can’t share slides nor Google Docs or even Sheets (in the case where you saved them in their default format). The options at present is sending links to your fellow conversant on Allo to the file or on the other hand you could save them in Microsoft format. Enjoy!!

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