Hurray: You can now enjoy Facebook Live streaming on your desktop too

Back in 2016, we were clamouring for live streaming on Facebook and Facebook served us Facebook Live to partially quench our thirst. But it was only some meager spoonful as you could just enjoy Facebook alive on your phone. The situation was not really pleasant for you had to do a live stream broadcast from only your phone or possibly your tablet. The Oliver Twist in us was invoked as we wanted more- more on our laptop too. Well, Facebook is finally considering the desktop masses.

Facebook has announced that is rolling out live streaming to Facebook users on the desktop; this extends to your laptop as well. So you we can broadcast live stream from your laptop.

This is really wonderful, if you want to explore the live stream functionality on your laptop, all you have to use is begin a live broadcast clicking on Live Video which is appearing on the top of your Timeline or your News Feed. So you can start after choosing your audience for the livestream which is after you have possibly added your description.

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