Instagram starts blurring ‘sensitive’ posts before you could see them

We all know Instagram has really been emphatic and very direct with pictures and videos that violated its policies- no negotiations. Once your content fails the test of the social media platform, is no mercy as such picture or video is quickly removed. Well Instagram will be loosening up a bit now.

Instagram would rather adopt a new procedure that blurs such violating photos or videos. So once your content contains anything “sensitive” possibly after someone had reported your post and the crew responsible for moderating on Instagram confirms that the image possibly is “sensitive,” the appearance of the image will turn blurred. Such blurred photo will be accompanied with a warning on top of it depicting that: “This photo contains sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing.” So before you see such picture, you would have to click on a button prior to viewing the post.

Well this is not all redefining as to Instagram’s policies in that those content classified as banned still remain banned. Looking into the future however, it becomes possible Instagram may slacken its prohibition of explicit posts.
“Over time we will explore expanding the application of screens into other areas,” the company wrote. It what this blurring approach is aimed at is “build a safe environment” for users. We will begin seeing the sensitive content warnings at once on Instagram.

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