How Wealthy men spend: Google co-founder Larry Page spends over $100m to build flying cars

The difference between the extra wealthy among us and the common ones among us is not only financial; guess it is very much psychological as well. This is necessarily true because the brains of the rich dance to hard metal music coming from the instruments of jingling coins in their pockets. while the poor’s brains can only manage Acapella as no instruments are really playing in their pockets. This is why to some spending $200m on a private yacht is as mad as asking the Pope for a cigarette on TV!

How Wealthy men spend: Google co-founder Larry Page spends over $100m to build flying cars

And this is exactly the supposedly “weird” thing Google co-founder Larry Page is doing. It has been revealed that Larry Page has been secretly funding two flying-car companies, going by confirmations from two people who are very close with the firms.

It has been confidently revealed that Page owns Zee.Aero Inc., some of whose employees running inti 150 hold test on prototype aircraft in rural California, as well as a smaller startup tagged Kitty Hawk which is ambitiously bent on realizing its own design for a flying car.

According to Bloomberg, Larry Page has spent over $100m funding these two start-ups as he hopes to realize his unique dreams of a flying car.

The firms comprise of a dozen companies which have their brains working on so-called flying cars. These flying cars would have the capacity of small automated aircraft which can take off as well as land vertically. The aircraft are generally being with the futuristic purpose of conveying people over short distances as a component of on-demand transportation service. This could bear resemblance with the ride-sharing business model of Uber Technologies Inc.

What do you have to say to this? Over $100m on realizing a dream. Even some of us after spending just N50k on a dream and its fails to materialize, would be very quick in branding the dream a hallucination.

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