The Moto Z will have no headphone jack

Lenovo has made announcements that its 2016 flagship Android smartphone will not come with a 3.5mm headphone jack. So the Moto Z nor its slightly better or slightly thicker Moto Z Force variant presents an analog audio port, despite the fact that the two come with a USB-C adapter in the box.

The Moto Z will have no headphone jack

The Moto Z would source its power from a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, with the Moto Z featuring a 5.5-inch HD AMOLED display and would be further seen presents a measurement of just 5.2 millimeters in thickness. The Moto Z Force bears familiar features, but also adds to the shelf ShatterShield technology so as to realize an unbreakable screen accompanied with TurboPower charging. This could offer about 15 hours of battery life in barely15 minutes of charging.

The Moto Z is a phone largely characterized by the additional modules and accessories to which it connects magnetically to, forsaking its traditional form as a super streamlined or possibly a simplified slab. Now looking last its noteworthy camera bump, most of the Moto Z come at a measurement of barely 5.2mm as to thickness. This is just a bit thicker than the 3.5mm connector which is not presented in the device. Yet we have come across the 5.1mm phones that still include one, so trying to say Lenovo’s decision is mainly a engineering constraint in trying to make best of thinness- is not the best logical explanation.

The Moto Z represents a very ambitions stride by Motorola to recover lost market territories; put the screws back in the right place repairing an already rickety market reputation.

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