Facebook mistakenly declares the Philippines at war

What will you do if Facebook was to declare Nigeria was at war?

In the festive celebration of the Independence Day in the Philippines this year, Facebook made a very crucial error when it created an incorrect banner (which also dispersed the wrong signals) for users to share across the social network. As said it was most unfortunate that the design of the banner was not only incorrect, it was symbolically ominous as it gave an indication that the country was at war.

Facebook's wrong Philippine flag

Going by reports, Facebook’s celebratory graphic presented an image of the Philippine flag but this time, it carried an inverted color scheme — such that it was blue on the bottom and red on top. In accordance o the law of the Philippines, the flag should only be displayed in that inverted manner during in periods of war. When the nation is lavishing in peace, it’s flown with blue on top and red on bottom which is obviously the other way round.

Facebook Users had greeted with the banner at the top of their News Feeds on Sunday, with very quick and even harsh reactions coming from Philippine users.

Facebook soon came to the reality of the mistake, following their official remorse with an apology. “This was unintentional, and we’re sorry,” the company said in a statement to The Philippine Star. “We care deeply about the community in the Philippines and, in an attempt to connect people on Independence Day, we made a mistake.”

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