Tutorial: Accessing the “Google Settings” App on the Samsung Galaxy S7

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a nice smartphone. But many owners of the phone have really complained to me of how difficult it is to address the “Google Settings” App on the phone.

Well just incase you don’t know what the Google Settings App is about, you actually need it to make changes to your Google sign-in settings, Google Fit data, possibly Android Pay options or or anything else which particularly pertains to your Google account. So I decided to put in this brief tutorial on how you could possibly address this Google settings App on the Galaxy S7.

Now on a good number of Android phones, you could possibly get to this Google Settings in Settings > Google (under the “Personal” section). But then truth is when it comes to the Samsung S7, it turns out a big pain.

It is quite unfortunate that Samsung has an unfriendly habit of not knowing how to let things be. So it is almost impossible to locate a section with the title of “Google” in the Settings menu. In my case, I had checked “Accounts” first, but then it wasn’t it either. The settings in the very Google was not it either. I would rather credit the blame to Google for the discomfort of bearing such complex and diverse names for its apps.

So now too much of words, let’s go straight to how we can access Google Settings on the S7 proper. The first requirement for you is to move straight to the Settings menu pulling down the notification panel after which you could tap on the cog icon.

From that point, you can scroll down to the “Applications” entry. Can you see that? Tap it.

Okay, now scroll through the bottom. AND THAT IS IT: Google Settings.

So immediately you come to knowledge of where it is, it is not difficult. It is just that the first finding it is the Guilder Ultimate Search. So now if you own a Samsung S7, we have probably saved you the worry of looking for it. JustNaira actually exists to make life easier for you!

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