How To Use Cable Decoder as Internet Modem

Technology is moving fast in the world. Computer can now be found almost in every house hold around the world and it is use for different task by different people.

Most organizations now procure computer systems to different department of their organizations. Since computer has built in intelligence that can do many and different task as programmed on it, so also inter-networking of two or more computer on LAN as made connection via the World Wide Web necessary.

Today, there are many ISP around the world that we can subscribe to access the internet with different means and devices. Technology also made it convenient for people to surf the internet with ease.


Research made it known that a cable decoder can serve the purpose of decoding satellite cable signal and it can also be use to modulate which implies that it can serve as a modem. The purpose of this post is to make you understand how you can use your cable decoder as modem and surf the internet with speed.


1. Can be used to connect over 20 Systems
2. Can connect to wireless Router for wireless users
3. Can be connected to a Hotspot for a mini ISP Provider
4. Can work anywhere in Nigeria even inside villages, rural areas where there is no Internet connection, GPRS Connection, GSM Providers, ISP Providers or CDMA Network
5. Can be used in a big Company, Industry or Cyber Café’s

The Advantages of Using Cable Decoder to Access the Internet

1. Internet access & Cable TV access charges are taken care of in your monthly subscription payments. I.e. the amount you pay for the satellite stations you watch covers the amount for internet access.
2. The speed of the internet is fast.
3. The internet access does not interfere with the different cable television channels, i.e. you can be watching a satellite station and be browsing the internet with your computer or laptop simultaneously.
4. You can network between two and four system (PC) or laptops for maximum speed and effectiveness.
5. You can make ends meet from connecting for others and you don’t need to be a guru to know how to configure laptop or desk to access cable internet.

Supported Decoder:

• HITV Decoder
• Strong Decoder
• DSTV Decoder
• Mytv Decoder
And any Cable Decoder that as a Coaxial Cable connector

How to Connect Your Decoder with Your Computer to Access the Internet

I have prepared a free guide that teaches how anyone can use cable decoder as a modem. You can get the manual from

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