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 In my high school days, science students are compelled to have a Periodic Table to solve various chemistry problems. Getting the best and complete Periodic Table can be a tedious task, so I decided to provide Chemistry students with 3 best Periodic Table Software which I think will make their work easier. Below are the lists of 3 free Periodic Table Software that will assist in solving different Chemistry problems directly from your PC screen.

1) Periodic Table

This is the best Periodic Table & it’s the most complete periodic table software available on the internet. This periodic table offers an interactive way of showing all the elements of the table accompanied with information regarding to them such as: the origin of the name, where and when, who discovered the element, source and where the element can be found etc.

• Detailed information on each element, its isotopes, allotropes, compounds and images (over 300 in total)
• Information on each elements reactions with water, air, halogens and acids
• Glossary of terms
• Graphs of important element properties and trends
• Biographies for the important scientists and element discoverers
• View the states of the elements at any temperature (from 0 – 6000k)
• Electron shell diagrams of each element (including orbital images)
• Atomic width diagram
• Toolbox, 330 physical constants and over 6400 formulae
• Powerful and comprehensive searching

Download Periodic Table

2) Chem ToolBox:


This is another great Periodic Table software with advance features. This periodic table can be helpful for those that are stucked in their laboratories like chemists, biochemists and biologists. This software has features like:
• Properties of solvents
• Chemistry of solutions
• Periodic table of elements
• Biochemistry
• Spectroscopy
• Calculations and units

Download ChemToolBox Periodic Table

3) Periodic Table 3.1.3

This periodic table is good for high schools students. It is an amazing interactive Java Applet so for this application to run on PC, you need to install the Java Runtime Environment.

Download Periodic Table 3.1.3

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