Hey check out the delicious updates Google Photos is rolling out

Of course you know Google Photos, the video and photo sharing as well as storage service operated by Google. Its major features of late were incorporated with Google+, which is Google’s social network.

Hey check out the delicious updates Google Photos is rolling out

Now in the most recent edition, Google Photos has rolled in some pretty hefty updates. One of the big changes coming in here is the ability to create animation via videos. Also this update Google is rolling in will enable us to equally search full albums. With these tasty updates in place, you not only can search for just photos, you now have the ability to equally search for old album folders too.

Some time ago, the app worked by searching for photos inside albums employing the technology of object recognition as well as search keyword. Yet it was not capable of showing the full album as a search result. But from what we are seeing, the latest version will roll in this functionality such that the album search result will equally be enabled on the desktop version.

Just as we have said, Google Photos enjoyed a juicy update across platforms some time at the beginning of this October. We as users can now enjoy uploading videos and images to Photos app on iOS and Android, even from desktop which could be transferred into shareable animations comprising of exciting segments. According to Google, these new features will not demand you to manually carry out any operation. It is carried out via machine learning in Google Photos. So when Google Photos gets ready with the fresh animations and sparkling new collection of your preferred images, cards will begin to appear under the Assistant tab of Google Photos.

You can get this version of Google Photos on App Store or Play Store. The download comes at no cost!

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