Tutorial: How Can I Change the Default Number of Worksheets in a Fresh Excel Workbook I Create

By the way Excel Workbook works by default, fresh workbooks you have made in Excel are made of a single worksheet. So if you are making use of a number of worksheets exceeding one, you have the option of changing the count of worksheets available in a simple setting by default in a fresh workbook.

Without much stress, you have the option of adding worksheets via the plus icon appearing on the right of the worksheet tab while you are working. But then, in the case where you are aware you will desire worksheets more than one in every new workbook you make, JustNaira brings you the procedures of particularly specifically the number of worksheets that will be created in fresh workbooks- rather automatically .

Let us start by opening an already existing Excel workbook. If you choose to, you can still make a new workbook. If you have done that, you can take the “File” tab.

Click “Options” in the list of items that appear on the left. You will see this on the backstage screen.

It is necessary to ensure that on the Excel Options dialog box, the “General” screen is active. You can specify the precise count of worksheets you desire in fresh workbooks in the “Include this many sheets” edit box in course of designing fresh Workbooks section. You also have the option of clicking the up and down arrows on the box in the case where you want to differ the number.

You can now select “OK” so as to save the change closing the Excel Options dialog box.

After all these, you can then create a fresh workbook. By the way it works, it will automatically adopt the number of worksheets you have precisely chosen.

This setting is exclusive as it doesn’t have any effect on any existing Excel workbooks you will open. By the way it works, it will only influence the number of worksheets in consequent workbooks you will make following the changes in the setting.

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