Have you noticed Google Photo on Android now places every photo in on single “album” tab?

Google latest update on its Google photos app on android has been geared towards making it easier to explore all photos available on your devices in the apps “album” tab.

The update is practically a redesign on the apps “album” tab as the tab is divided into three parts: one part enables you access your camera roll in various ways (classifying places by people or location for example), photos taken inside other apps could be accessed in other sections and the third part contains your main photos album.

The compoundedness tends to make “albums” not suitable for this tab, not withstanding, it’s a welcome development and very helpful I must add. If you are to access a photo or photos saved in other apps, you need to locate the app and open, but with this new update, the google photo app brings all of them together for a onetime access. As for the other two parts (the album and exploration options), they have been presented in a more-easier view.
The complexity of full-width photo album is now displayed as squares, which gives you a better view of everything.

The exploration part is not left out as it has been made to be more obtrusive, and demo photos are displayed in grid view to describe what to see immediately after clicking at the photo.

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