Why the official Twitter App is better than every other third party Twitter App

For most first party apps, comments are always made concerning them but this has not been so for the twitter app, though its App is multiform yet it has failed to impress in the past few years. The layout cannot be changed to suite your taste and the adS cannot be removed.
There has been signs of improvement lately now serving quite well as the daily twitter app of several users.

Twitter app being the first to acquire any latest features from live videos such as the presidential debates and NFL football. The twitter blindingly white theme has been a thrust for its numerous users. Last year a dark theme was released to the official twitter app, also bringing thousands of users who are currently making use of it to tweet throughout the night.

MAIN POINT: Though the official app lacks additional features and the inability to customize, yet it receives features firstly, finally it has a night theme.
It is satisfying that the best Twitter app is still the free one as you might have to pay for features and customization on other third party twitter app.

About a year ago, official twitter app experience so much difficulty in its usage as these was due to other third party apps which were more fashionable and flexible. This is a thing of the past now.

The official Twiiter App has an advantage over other third party twitter apps as it gets any new feature such as images. Another great feature from the official app is the capacity to preview videos on mute in the timeline and in tweet view. This has not been copied in most twitter apps. With this feature, I can watch a muted video seamlessly as I don’t have to leave the timeline and for caption videos, I can watch everything in my timeline.

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