Google will now show us lyrics in search results

It is said that a master of all is a master of none. But then Google is proving us wrong big time. Goggle is “digitally ubiquitous” as there is barely any where online where Google doesn’t boast some hectares. From the small slender okra plant of a sulking search engine, Google has spontaneously grown into one big iroko with height sprawling through Android, YouTube etc.

Google will now show us  lyrics in search results

And now Google us bringing in another one. Google will now show lyrics in Google search results. This is the fruitful product of a partnership with LyricFind. So now, song texts will equally be presented on Google Play Music. This is not restricted to users reading but also as a component of general music discovery.

As a constituent of this sprouting development, songwriters as well as rights holders will now earn royalties on the ground of view counts. LyricFind on its own boasts lyrics from over 4,000 publishers, this runs across Warner, UMG, Sony, and more.

Most certainly a good number of lyric sites are going to bleed as visits will be pushed down but then others offer added value – example is the annotations we get at Genius, which are usually made up by users, but Eminem has made a reputation of adding notes on his lyrics.

This is a pretty move although Bing has already been on stage as regards displaying lyrics by LyricFind.

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