Soonest, Twitter will soon allow you slot stickers in the photos you upload

It is understandable that the new craze of the moment is stickers! Social media is buzzing with stickers. Every picture seems to be well perfumed with some fragrance of suiting sticker. Come on, don’t tell me you have not noticed.

Soonest, Twitter will soon allow you slot stickers in the photos you upload

Be it on Snapchat or even any other messaging as well as communication services, stickers are getting increasing daily use as a lot of users feel stickers are extra lips with which their pictures get louder. And now Twitter having watched from the outside for too long is finally deciding to jump onboard. So officially, Twitter is adding stickers too.

In line with this development, in no time, you will soon be able to insert a variety of stickers on top of the photos which you upload to Twitter. How it works is pretty simple: you make a selection of a photo, make a choice equally of the stickers you like, them cooly slot them in to the appropriate spots you feel they should reside. After this you can simply tweet your result.

It is possible to choose from “hundreds of accessories, emoji, and props”, with stickers having the capacity to be resized even rotated after which you can drop them anywhere on a picture with no reservations. By the way, you can enjoy as many as you want for each photo.

This is not all, stickers will as well play the role of a special fresh hashtag . So when you tap on any one sticker in any photo you see in your timeline, you will be directed to a view revealing the mode in which you and just anyone in the world is making use of that sticker in in several sorts.

According to Twitter, the feature of adding stickers will soon be rolled out to users of Twitter’s app on iOS and Android “over the next few weeks”. Also, it will also be possible to view as well as click stickers on the Twitter website in equal fashion.

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