Google to present a Voice Access app so people with disabilities could still enjoy using Android

Google at present is in the creative process of an Android app which makes for enjoying more capacities of a phone for people who have disabilities. This very app controls the Android with your voice.

Google to present a Voice Access app so people with disabilities could still enjoy using Android

Google is already at the testing phase of the Android app and could give you the opportunity
to enjoy some basic functions with just your voice, going by the latest announcement from company. This accessibility app is named Voice Access, and it is basically created for person who have disabilities, so they are no longer impeded by their disability in making adequate use of the basic Android functions in manner which is hands-free. At this point, the app is in beta, and although the application period has been fully concluded, the company is of the opinion that at some interval in the time to come, this Voice access app should be released as a free Play Store app.

The way the app works, it will give you the capacities to open apps. make selection of items onscreen, even scroll with voice commands. “For example, you can say ‘open Chrome’ or ‘go home’ to navigate around the phone, or interact with the screen by saying ‘click next’ or ‘scroll down,'” the company explained via means of a blog post. It also composes of a working numeric system,this way all from to drop-down menu options to app will be get a number assigned to it. With this arrangement, the user could simply talk aloud to go about performing a task. There is the solid prospect that with this improvements on hand, it is very possible here Android would be more easy to operate to any and all users. Looking at other operating systems, Apple’s iOS has for some time past introduced similar tools for people with, hearing, vision and motor skill disabilities.

Google made the announcement of a series of other accessibility improvements which could be available across its product line. Developers can have the capacity to run an Accessibility Scanner on their apps. This way they could get their hands on suggestions on the means to make them better with recommendations which could include increasing screen contrast and making bigger buttons and for those with visual challenges. The company announced as well it would be bringing on a fresh edition of its text-to-speech navigation software for Chromebooks. And equally Google promises to introduce voice-based editing to Google Docs.

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