Google seems to want to launch a podcast app

After months of continuously working to build its presence on the podcasts, it appears as if Google is at last ready to release an app that is specially designed for podcasts.

Our sources spotted a snippet of code that reveals the recent version of the Google app contains a concealed prompt that asks users to “Get the Google Podcasts app.” A few months ago, Google built a full podcast interface inside the Google app which we expect will be accessed through a home screen and the app launcher shortcut. People who have used Android devices for a long time should be able to recall that Google had an app with the name of Listen, which was its initial endeavor at a podcasts player. However, it was shut down in 2012, the year Apple launched its own Podcast app for iOS.

Home screen shortcuts of the same design have been designed by Google for other services like the Google Assistant or the Google Lens recently. Although these services in the actual sense live inside the Google app, the shortcuts however make them look like services that work on their own. It is expected that the app will provide Android users with a much easier process to listen to podcasts.

At the moment, users have the ability to track their subscriptions and browse through podcasts that are in vogue with the use of the Google search engine on mobile, the only problem is that plodding through the site could feel less instictive and gawky. Be that as it may, Zack Reneau-Wedeen, podcast product manager at Google, confirmed back in April that quite a large number of users try to use the feature on a daily basis. There’s a probability that the upcoming app will be an extension and will have same interface as the current one.

There’s no doubt that listeners will have the ability to tune in on their phones through Google Play Music or with the help of third-party apps like PocketCasts. According to the report we got from our sources, the Google podcast app should make an appearance in the Play Store when it begins to run, although no particular date has been set.

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