Microsoft, bringing SwiftKey keyboard to Windows 10

According to the reports that we got from our sources, Microsoft is making arrangements to bring its SwiftKey keyboard to Windows 10 a sometime this year. For some time now, the company has been testing SwiftKey in a public beta program that it organized for Windows 10 testers. The keyboard comes with the same features that it has on both iOS and Android such as autocorrections and predictions and as an upgrade, it will provide power to the touch keyboard when Windows 10 devices are being operated in tablet mode.

The latest update to the Windows 10 which was codenamed Redstone 5 comes with access to SwiftKey in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Italian, and Russian as an accessory. It was in the year 2016 that Microsoft got SwiftKey as an acquisition and its first major update to feature was made earlier this year on iOS and Android. On the other hand, Microsoft is also working on making some significant changes to its Windows 10 Game Bar. The Windows 10 Game Bar is a new option that gives a view of the framerate of any particular game as well as its CPU usage, GPU VRAM usage, and system RAM usage. From the Windows 10 Game Bar, audio output devices can be adjusted as well as the volume of games.

The tech giant is as well trying to fine-tune the way texts are made bigger in Windows apps. Our sources say there’s a new settings slider that will adjust the size of texts across Windows, desktop apps, and Universal Windows apps. The narrator in Windows 10 seems to be getting an upgrade too. The company has made a few changes to it to make it more useful.

In conclusion, Edge now has an option that lets users block autoplay videos just like in Google Chrome. There’s a new “allow sites to automatically play media” option that’s been made available and Microsoft is getting feedback on the best way to incorporate this into Windows 10.

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