Google Photos on the web now lets you conveniently change the time and date of multiple photos

It is very possible at one point in time, you could have desperately wished to make changes to the time and date of multiple photos all at once. The good news now is this capacity is no longer on your wish list but on reality list now.

With Google photos, this is now a very sure possibility. It could be the instance where you need to however hastily account for time zones, or even just reshuffle your library, you now have the capacity with Google photos to make selection of multiple photos as well as using “Edit date & time” to do so.

An official statement from Google on this reads:

On, just select the group of photos you’d like to adjust and click “Edit date & time” in the menu dropdown. You’ll be able to shift or set the time stamps, and preview the changes before saving.

To finally drop the curtains, Google has announced that it has introduced the feature of deleting photos straight from any album by just selecting your picture of choice and then clicking on “Move to Trash” appearing in the dropdown menu.

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