Could Apple be building electric cars?

Wanting more is the hallmark of successes. A belch from satisfaction could be a trumpet blast for your troops to retreat hence you get relegated from “premiership”. This is why the giant tech companies are never satisfied. The likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft have turned technological nomads grazing from one market to another and most especially incising their autograph on it. And now if appears Apple wants more!

Could Apple be building electric cars?

Apple could be building on electric cars as of now. Credence was further added to this possibility with reports coming which indicated that Apple had moved to establish touch with charging station companies to hold discussion on their “underlying technology,” . The charging station companies are reported to be skeptical about divulging too much information someone who has the potency of a blooming rival.

Though this report does not have very solid details — but then inferring from LinkedIn profiles, the company has been immersed in the process of hiring engineers with vast experience in the endeavor of vehicle charging.

Actually, it has been over a year since Apple’s car rumors first emerged. For some time now, it has been vividly noticed that the company been vehemently engaged in hiring employees who boast a broad varieties of automotive experience.

Of course, the company has greatly bumped up its budget on development and research over the past several years. This could be seen as indicative of big silver linings in the clouds for Apple despite falling iPhone sales. That Apple is planing to catch a shark with a hook. Something big of course.

Personally, I am eagerly anticipating an electric car from Apple, not that I really want to buy one per say. But then in face of the dazzling cost of fuel, an electric car is not a bad option is it?

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