You can now skip straight to the exciting parts of live videos on Facebook

Facebook understands that in a Jet Age like ours, speed is a virtue. Having the capacity to execute a task is not the real capacity, the real capacity is having the capacity to execute the task on the least count of time. It is now even possible to be faster than your shadow! One may not have a full plate of time to watch the videos that strikes him on Facebook, hence Facebook is now bringing on a fresh “Engagement graph” for Facebook Live. This is a feature which is a very easy to grasp visualization that brings forth which parts of a live clip viewers have really been attracted to most.

You can now skip straight to the exciting parts of live videos on Facebook

Going by what Facebook says, this feature could now bring in the convenient capacity to skip all the non-interesting part of the video as well as getting “right to what tends to be the be the most exciting or engaging points of the video.” The engagement graph, which is being rolled out, comes up the moment you begin watching a previously live video — it would be rather difficult to do this on the fly — or even at any interval you happen to skip to a separate section of a clip.

The company is making a significant push for this to be brought on “useful for longer videos.” But then I have this personal resentment that it is most “useful” for our ever-reducing attention spans. Come to think of it, why should one walk difficultly through a full five-minute video when you could simply skip from one exciting scene to another one, as had been shown by Facebook users? Will anyone really care to watch in circumstances where the line remains flat relatively?

And added to this, Facebook will now as well introduce replaying reactions when you are enjoying a video. This way it is possible to see reaction stream as well as comments just like it is when if you were enjoying the initial live broadcast.

So should one of your friends be watching live and made a reaction, it will be possible for you to see their profile picture pop up in course of the replay.

Big news here, I will really enjoy this one. It is surely going to save me time on videos as I would be already informed of where is likely going to catch my attention; so all I do is just skip there!

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