Twitter getting prettier with night mode on Android

Should there be one fact nerds barely disagree on, it would be that night modes rules pretty all the way. There is no much factual backing to this yet it exists. I really have this flair for night modes rather personally. And I have even asked a friend if it was possible to in any way have a night mode on Google Docs. So I was very excited when I learnt that Twitter was testing a night mode on Android.

Twitter getting prettier with night mode on Android


For now yet in its infant days of testing, Twitter has its gloves on working to realize an automatic Night Mode which would be fully presented on the official Android application. Only a handful number of alpha testers can access this as of now, the user interface of would have the functionality of automatically changing to a darker appearance. Of course this would be less harsh on the eyes at night time.

As it appears at the moment, the white interface which is standard is exclusively the only accessible option to users of the Twitter app. Once we have a full release of this upcoming night mode, the user interface would now be made up basically of a dark blue background with white text.

I think this could be the new trend. If you remember some time ago, we announced that night mode was been touted by Apple devices, and now we have Twitter jumping on board.
Not bad at all, I actually wish this bandwagon of “night-moders” gets more robust.

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