Google names the Android N ‘Android Nougat’

After months of stirring, frying and toasting suggestions, Google has finally cooked a name officially for its Android N. The Android N will be officially named Android Nougat. This name is a sandwich of suggestions which Google had taken in as recipes for the final dish of the name. So the Android Nougat will now take over from the Marshmallow.

Google names the Android N 'Android Nougat'

What is not really certain yet is what number the Nougat will bear. You know the previous Marshmallow was tagged the Android 6.0. So possibly we could infer that the Nougat could take on the identity of 6.1 or 7.9. Nougat basically is a sweet candy made from sugar and some stuff,and this is the taste Google aims for in this operating system,

Google had equally made a revelation of the Android Nougat statue, in front of its headquarters in Mountain View, California. This of course is an established culture Google has been immersed in since it began allocating dessert names to its OS releases some few years back.

Google names the Android N 'Android Nougat'

Above is an image of the new, Nougat-themed statue. Who knows one day Google may name its next Android operating system Android Ambibola in honour of its undying loyalty from its Nigerian user base!

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