Tutorial: Changing Emoji skin tones on iPhone and OS X

Emoji are pretty tremendous and are popularly used nowadays. This is as emojis have taken a chief role in the means by which people express themselves in text messages. But then on a deeper look, you get to discover that quite a number of emoji don’t actually represent how everyone looks.

Practically, a handsome count of emoji represent people – faces, hands, arms – and it is quite inarguable that they take after the characters of the Simpsons. While the skin tone of your emoji might not really bother you, the same can’t be said of everyone as some would really love if their skin tone was represented to greater coloured accuracy.

In the following screenshot, you can grasp an understanding of what I intend to communicate. Now in the Smileys & People emojis, there is a miscellaneous collection of gestures, thumbs as well as other body parts.

In the circumstance where you intend using alternative emoji skin tones on iOS, then make a pick of the emoji you like after which you can long-press on it. This very activity when performed allows you select another skin tone.

Now Swipe over a bit and you can equally make a selection of face choices.

The moment you choose another skin tone, it will stick with this skin tone till you choose to choose another.

On OS X, there is no big difference in the way it works; just open up the emojis panel after that click and hold on to any suitable hand, face, etc. this will pop up alternative skin tones for you to make your selection.

In similar addition to that on iOS, the moment you select another skin tone, it will yet again stick to this tone until you make a deviation to another one.

Apple made the introduction of skin tones to their emoji in OS X 10.10 as well as iOS 8.3, but then they may not quickly catch your notice as they are not that conspicuous.
So now, believing you were meaningfully impacted by this tutorial, you can now change your emojis in tones which are more expressive of what you want to pass across!

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