Google could use Wi-Fi balloons to deliver internet to Puerto Rico

Puerto very distant from us here in Nigeria is being mauled by ferocious Hurricane Maria but it rightly concerns us all the same as humans. The situation there is worse with millions submerged in darkness and even hunger. Power and Internet are big time luxuries for the people of Puerto Rico and Alphabet, Google’s parent company is stepping up to fill the tech vacuum wracking the island.


Via means of an ambitious project tagged Project Loon, Google is inventively hoping to deliver internet to the affected region by means of Wi-Fi balloons. How would this done?


“The Project Loon team at X is exploring if it’s possible to bring emergency connectivity to Puerto Rico,” the X lab’s official Twitter account announced.  Google X, functions as the “moonshot” arm of Google-owner Alphabet. This division takes on the responsibility of the Wing drone delivery project as well as the division that handles the self-driving car unit, eventually the unit metamorphosed into Waymo.


The hurricane Maria as we know it wrecked disastrous havoc on Puerto Rico killing 24 while rendering a host of people homeless with no power, water nor Internet. The hurricane Maria was categorized as a Category 4 storm.


The damage so wrecked damages on the island that Puerto Rico’s communications system were indelibly wounded. Repairs have started but since the advent of the hurricane, over 80% of the communication cell towers of the island have been offline with those stuck in Puerto Rico being unable to communicate their acquaintances and friends.


The major aim of this Wi-Fi balloon project since they started six years ago was to help areas struck with natural disasters with emergency Internet. This project from Google that entails emergency Wi-Fi balloons has been operational having been deployed in natural disasters in Sri Lanka as well as other nations like Indonesia.

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