Google’s AR Stickers to spread beyond Pixel phones for the first time

Six months have gone by ever from the first time Google Pixel 2’s AR Stickers were launched and at this moment, they are making a headway to a phone that is designed by another company. LG is putting its resources together with Google to make the Google AR Stickers available on the LG G7 ThinQ. This is very first time Google has permitted the AR Stickers app to be available on a device that is not on flagship line which could mean that the company wants to increase the access to the feature.

In the previous year, the Google Pixel and Pixel 2 both got AR stickers that displayed 3D objects and characters which helped users make an expression of themselves with the use of virtual characters and emojis that could move. With the aid of this feature, users were at liberty to choose from a vast amount of AR stickers to create their stories and they could also be added to photos.

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, we expect the new feature to be available in the next software update of the LG G7 ThinQ and as the report carries, the feature is supposed to function the same way it does on the Pixel devices. At the moment, we don’t have any information that tells us if the feature is already available and if the users of the LG G7 ThinQ are using it, neither has LG said anything concerning the feature being available to phones outside Korea.

These stickers capitalize on the Google ARCore platform in order to function. To use this feature, head to the Google camera app, and then to the left navigation menu. When you’re there, click on AR stickers from the camera modes. As soon as you have done that, you will see a row of characters appear at the bottom of the camera screen from which you can select any character and drag them to any position you want on the camera feed.

LG stated in a blog post that the AR stickers will be accessible through the local camera app and its key features will be available.

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