Facebook could ban businesses from posting ads

We have received reports that Facebook now permits users to file complaints against businesses they have had transactions with and afterwards had a problem after clicking on any of their ads. If a lot of people complain about any one business, Facebook would be left with no choice but to ban that company from running ads.

The new policy is rolling out globally starting today, and it’s meant to help Facebook fight back against another type of advertising abuse on its platform. Facebook says it’s trying to combat “bad shopping experiences,” which can cost customers and make them frustrated with Facebook, too.

The company happens to be interested in some very specific areas such as shipping time, product quality, and customer service. This move made by Facebook goes beyond misleading ads, if it so happens that a company provides poor service, or products that are not up to the expectations of buyers, they are at risk of being removed from the platform.

Our sources report that Facebook will be sending notifications to users to inquire of their experience once it notices that they have purchased anything after they have clicked on an ad. If you intend to, you can find the company you made purchase from and leave a feedback on the Ads Activity page.

Facebook has stated that businesses will be informed of negative feedback and that it will aid in pointing out the problems that clients will be having. If feedback from clients does not improve after a warning, Facebook will be forced to reduce the number of ads any company will be able to run. If the issue persists, the company will be banned totally.

Sure, a lot of people like leaving online feedback when they have complaints. On this note, Facebook will take care to not remove businesses who don’t deserve it over the grievances of a few customers. But on the whole, some problematic companies will be removed.


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