Google app for Android getting fortified with a lovely transparent widget under the search bar

At present, Google is working its way towards bringing on a fresh feature to the Google app, Google named after itself for Android. Talking categorically about this fresh feature, it will be widget appearing under the famous ever present search bar in your launcher. The widget has a transparent look and will display to you small pieces of information, which cuts across weather at your location as well as any other local information.

Now moving past its appearance, from what you see below. You will be able to enable it yourself. To begin with, go to the settings of the Google app’s settings after which you can make a choice of the Widget. After that simply turn it on. Don’t forget that in the same way with stuffs associated with Google, this widget will not be rolled out to everyone all at once. So you may have to wait a bit to see yours.

With this, you may not be able to see the widget at once when you enable it. Also, the functionality may also need a server-side switch too. Though for now Google is making all efforts to make sure every user can access that. One thing here you should not forget is that it may demand to note is that you are apparently required to have the Google app version to get this rolling. So for you to get this, you could be required to register as a beta tester for the app. But then we can’t assure you that this widget will be visible all times despite you having enabled all even the said server-side switch.

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