How you can get your money back as Amazon refunds money to those who bought some Galaxy Note 7 accessories

Officially Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has been a spectacular failure. More odorous is the reality that eventhe bold replacement program couldn’t calm the fiery batteries that had grown the bad habits of catching fire. But then Samsung has shown strong will in calling a spade by its name and formally grinding production of the estranged smartphone to a halt.

How you can get your money back as Amazon refunds money to those who bought some Galaxy Note 7 accessories

In face of the halt in production, a fat number of accessories have lost use. A lot of us had previously bough either a case, a wireless charging dock, or any other accessories of the well anticipated Note 7 accessory on But then all hope is not lost yet.

Strong reports have filtered into our ears that Amazon is carrying out a refund program for such purchased accessories as well as those bought outside the Amazon’s conventional 30-day return interval.

We can’t really say yet whether Amazon is only carrying out these refunds on batches per say or if Amazon would design a more formal procedure for those who had bought accessories of the Note7 and want their money back. In the case where you want your refund if you belong to the category of persons who had bought the Note 7 accessories from Amazon, you could get in touch with Amazon’s customer support straight and register your refund demand to a representative.

Also any owner of Note 7 who unfortunately is in possession of products that serve no use to them can begin the said procedures by logging into their Amazon account. From there you can proceed to the “Contact Us” page. When you get there, you have the option of selecting the particular product. You could be required to select, “Choose A Different Order” so as to locate products outside the 30-day refund interval Amazon operates. From there you can enter the demanded prompts. When you get to the end of the page, you should have gained the functionality of initiating a phone call, email or even text chat with Amazon support representative.

Hope you get your money back, we can’t afford to lose any money in this economy you know.

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