The painful truth is the iPhone 7’s battery life is not the best we can get

Well, the excitement was really intimidating when we had the release of Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus say some weeks ago. We can say this is sufficient for us to try and have an idea of what is the selling point of these devices as well as what is their weaknesses.

The painful truth is the iPhone 7’s battery life is not the best we can get

If we are really honest from what we have seen so far, these phones present more weaknesses which I must say is pretty unusual. The next generation of Apple’s iPhones can be well said to be the most sophisticated smartphones on the earth for now, and they have really gathered some juicy improvement in almost every facet if we compare them to the iPhone models of 2016. But then we must boldly point out one aspect these iPhone 7 models didn’t much beat its predecessors and really disappointed us. It is the Battery life!

The painful truth is the iPhone 7’s battery life is not the best we can get

Tests conducted so far have shown that the iPhone 7 doesn’t have a commendable battery life. So far from the die hard Apple fans I have met here who have already gotten their iPhone 7 models, they admitted to it.

According to Apple, the fresh 4.7-inch iPhone 7 can give you an extra two hours of battery life if you measure its against the iPhone 6s of 2016. So far tests have shown Apple built it up being an improvement of its predecessors; but then this doesn’t up it to the battery life tempo of its modern rival handsets.

So far tests conducted on the Apple’s iPhone 7 against other most recent flagship phones from Apple’s foremost rivals- three of them precisely didn’t speak well of the iPhone 7. The aim of these tests were to show the duration of the phone battery while in course of making voice calls as well as surfing the internet via a 3G network. Truth is Apple’s iPhone 7 was really disappointing in the two tests. The web browsing test was not that bad relatively but then when it comes to the voice call test, it was spectacularly woeful. The iPhone 7 models could barely last past half the other phones did.

Although it is an undeniable reality that battery life is very important to users, we are beginning to see that Apple tends to place more emphasis on thinness and values design; this emphasis sadly exceeds its focus on battery life.

By 2017, we will be almost fantasying about the Apple’s iPhone 8. In fact since the release of the iPhone 7, rumours are already dripping in. Thus we are very hopeful that Apple takes the design of its next iPhone more seriously. Because truth is what is the need of such an astonishing smartphone with such captivating features if the battery doesn’t really last?

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