Google Acquires Livestreaming Service Twitch for $1 billion

As popularly known, the internet is “electronic medication” we can’t do without now, a doze of megabytes daily is very refreshing. To some it is preferable for a deadly epidemic to hit mankind than for GPRS to go missing- a zombie bite isn’t too bad if we could still browse when infected!


This is one big reason why giant firms want to capture and firmly dig their flags in large acres of the internet- after all, if a site could maintain its chieftaincy online, the royalties your guests pay you are just too handsome; with the dollars running into your account like they were running from a lethal predator!

Recently on the news is that Google is finally purchasing Twitch for a staggering $1bn! Twitch boasting more than an active 50 million monthly users is a platform (a plump jump from the 3.2 million users it had when it was launched back in 2011 by by co-founders Justin Kan and Emmett Shear,) where users could stream live feeds of video games, broadcast esport titles and enable users to chat online on this platform. This deal has been cooking since May this year.

Venture beats announced this transaction is to be presided over by Google’s YouTube division with healthy improvement plans for Twitch. Twitch proudly is responsible for 1.35% of all global internet activities. This transaction would enthrone Google as the video streaming monarchs having earlier added Youtube to their decorated wardrobe for $1.65bn.

Google and Twitch are yet to officially confirm this transaction.

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