LG Gen Cool Inverter Air Conditioner – Designed for Naija Market

LG GEN Cool Inverter V Air Conditioner is specially designed for Nigeria Market. Life is Truly Good with LG!

lg gen cool inverter

Handkerchief business in Nigeria is big business as the sun always loves to bully us. We must admit the Nigerian sun is not that well-mannered as our skins become biological fountains of sweat- though we still appreciate the sun as it helps tell the “Mary Kay beauty” (makeup) that doesn’t last past 12 noon!

This is why we are very grateful to Air Conditioners, that our sweat is becoming costly that we don’t give it out too cheaply is a very welcomed development. I am also hoping to one day play football in an AC-tight stadium, so that I could go to church after playing without taking my bath, how about that?

Most popular are the LG ACs. Still in its innovative service, LG electronics has launched another Air Conditioner named Gen Cool Inverter V.

This air conditioner is slim-fitted to the Nigerian user environment being even very functional in unreliable power supply; especially with the least capacity generators common with the middle class so that you don’t need to sweat it out financially to keep out sweat (using LG ACs).


In areas where electricity is limited to four to six hours a day due to unstable supply, even users with a small capacity generator can continue to use household appliances together with the air-conditioner without disruption.

This AC is less pollutant operating on refrigerant -R410A. This AC presents the powerful contending energy saving around the world- reducing energy consumption with about 60%, enabling users to operate this facility with a generator alongside other household appliances 1HP AC to run on small capacity generator of 0.9 KVA with Gen Mode. This service boasts a refreshing airflow lowering room temperature by 5 degrees in barely 3 minutes! Volt care consists of HVS complemented by LVS; LVS provides low voltage and operation while HVS protects confidently against power surges as well as intimidating voltages with a nutritiously enhanced Power Circiut Board (PCB).

You don’t need an earpiece to use this device as it works at very low noise level of 19 decibels! The deep sleep mode raises the temperature by 1 degree for every 30 minutes, cumulating to 2 degrees for an hour to perfect a serene sleeping environment- don’t be surprised you always see yourself in Miami in your dreams. This AC which is easy to install is one LG doctor as its multiple filtration system safeguards the user from harm including bacteria, odor, virus, allergen, and micro-dust while the AC is largely protected against rusting.

Managing Director of the LG West African Mr. Deog Jun Kim has said the latest LG Gen cool Inverter air conditioner “is designed for Nigerian Market,” he said, “This AC meets the demands of customers who want to use Air Conditioners in Nigeria with small capacity generators.” Also enlightening that in addition to recent products like Plasma, Titan AVS, Mosquito Away air-conditioners among others in the market, the Gen cool Inverter AC, a new energy- efficient solution that allows 1HP AC to run on small capacity generator of 0.9 KVA with Gen Mode is a consumer friendly product with an amazing service life.

Where to Buy LG GEN Cool Inverter V AC In Nigeria

LG Gen Cool Inverter AC can be purchased from Fouani Nigeria Ltd (Distributor of LG Electronics in Nigeria). They have showrooms in the following cities in Nigeria:

Click on any of the showroom nearest to you for more details.

This is absolutely wonderful, Life is Truly Good with LG!

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