Smart Shoe: Helps with Which Way to Turn on Chosen Route

Smart shoe hooks up with an app that syncs with Google Maps, tracks your steps and counts your calories burned.

smart shoe

bluetooth enabled shoe

Here we go again, sure technology has invaded our privacy. Technology had even mortgaged a room in our subconscious minds as most of us still have electronic dreams: using our smartphones regularly in our dreams! Sure the laboratories are as busy and inventions always escort the sun from the west everyday!

Now in India, we have smart-shoes! Lechal as it is called meaning in Hindi: Take Me Along. Created by Ducere Technologies Pvt. This wearable technology boasts a Bluetooth responsive shoe insert which could accommodate Google map to enhance local navigation. The shoe comes with insoles adaptable to every wardrobe- fitting every shoe. It is also organically enhanced as it could help you measure the calories you have sent packing- especially when jogging.

Lechal’s navigation system is very impressive, as a user could hike, bike, as well as drive-with instructing vibrations, without having a lizard neck that is always dropping down- looking down at a map! The main inspiration behind this breakthrough (though a parent innovation- the Aetrex, made to keep in touch with dementia patients as well as Alzheimer) is to help visually challenged persons, 20% of a global population domiciled in India alone, going by a WHO investigation.

The shoes also have haptic feedback playing the role of a digital shepherd, guiding the wearer to specified locations. Another generous addition is the Smart Assist which informs you if your phone is a sad distance off.

This is a technological child of two Indian engineers with their brains having an American coloration; having schooled in the US. The duo Krispian Lawrence and Anirudh Sharma have been companions for a mouthful number of years now, forming Durece in Telengana back in 2011. This product which is their scientific debut stands to retail for $150 down to $100 this September.

Brace up guys, we would soon be making calls with our boxers, how about an MTN underwear?

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