New Linkedln Profile on Mobile Makes You Ridiculously Good Looking

New Linkedln profile on mobile makes you ridiculously good looking It helps you tell your story to other professionals when they’re looking for you on the go.


Nowadays, social media profile is one’s identity card; everyone now has a window in social media, so window dressing is very popular now- get a new dress and post it online. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln has borrowed its users loud trumpets to allow them announce themselves to the world, if you want to woo a lady, the bibliography of your killer lines should be her Facebook profile, or most likely now, her linkedln mobile profile.


The later is the most recent and allows you a surface introduction to someone you are about meeting. And it could be right to judge a person by his Linkedln profile book cover as it easily reflects personality: likes, what freaks you, interests etc. This enables you to know professionals you have common connections with, people with whom you share a social identity with so that you get that companion suspect you are psychic always screaming: how did you know that?

What more, the Linkedln mobile experience borrows you all the cosmetics you need to look pretty nice- even telling you what is missing in your profile! Could you beat that?

Over 40% of Linkedln users visit through the mobile version. The Linkedln new profile is now available on the most recent of its iphones and Android apps. Enjoy!

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