Expect to see a 7-inch tablet from Google before 2016 folds up

Well this will be some stuff you will not be anticipating. Now some of you already know Google is planning on bringing on two new phones- the bomb is Google could equally roll out a fresh 7-inch Android tablet soonest. Going by the accumulating reports, the tablet could be released precisely before the end of the year. And this 7-inch tablet would rock a 4GB of RAM, to be designed by Huawei.

Expect to see a 7-inch tablet from Google before 2016 folds up

Although much has not really been said about the upcoming Nexus tablets. But then we have put our ears on the ground following news of the next Nexus phones. In fact, it is important we recognize that it is not even right to tag them Nexus phones anymore — implying from the most recent rumors, these devices would be called Pixel and Pixel XL.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had earlier on announced that his company plans to be “more opinionated” pertaining to phone design, and that opinion would reflect in using the “Google” and “Pixel” brands as a replacement to Nexus.

All of that drags us to a possible assumption that this so called tablet discussed here will be far from being a Nexus, so almost certainly it stands to adopt another name. Now if we look into what that name will be, your guess could be as lame as ours or better still as cool as as ours.

We sincerely hope Google holds an event by October 4th. If Google does then it is very possible Google would announce the two phones, even a Daydream VR headset, and this very Google tablet.

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