What to Check When Buying a Used Laptop

Buying a used laptop from a private seller is a great alternative to spending lots of money on a new one, especially if you’re shopping on a budget or simply don’t need to newest and most advanced gadget. Since there is usually no warranty on second-hand laptops, you need to be especially careful during the buying process, and we’ll tell you what to pay attention to.

Buying A Used Laptop

There are many ways to become an owner of a used laptop, but you should look for the one that will give you the highest quality of the products while helping you save money. We have the perfect solution for you: shop for used laptops on Jiji and experience all of the benefits of buying from reliable and honest sellers from all of Nigeria.


Buying A Used Laptop battery

One of the biggest advantages laptops have over desktop computers is their portability, which means you can easily travel with your laptop without having to plug the gadget in. However, the average lifespan of a laptop battery is 3 years, which means that if a laptop has been in active use for a couple of years, its battery may already be dead or too weak for autonomous use. Check the battery by turning on an unplugged laptop and seeing how long it lasts.


Buying A Used Laptop screen

Laptop screen is one of the most sensitive parts of a laptop that often sustains damage and can be affected even by closing the device too fast. First check the screen for cracks when the laptop is off, and then turn on the device to see if the colors are bright and stable and that the screen is evenly lit. LCD screens can cost a fortune to repair, so any major screen problems are enough of a reason to consider another laptop.


Buying A Used Laptop port

In order to be able to use the laptop in every way imaginable, all input ports need to work as intended and be free of dirt. Remember to check the headphone and microphone jack, USB ports, charging port, and any other input port you use frequently. Then check the keyboard and the touchpad – they should be intact and respond instantly to your commands, because even if you prefer to use the mouse as a primary controlling device, there are situations where you can’t do without a touchpad.


Most laptops, both new and used, come with a preinstalled operating system – make sure the OS is properly licensed and won’t require any payments or purchases from you. Browse the laptop to see what kind of software is installed on the device and whether it is licensed as well. If there are some games you can play instantly, launch them to check the graphics and sound qualities of the laptop, which is especially important for gamers.

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