Playing Pokémon Go in church can lend you five years jail time in Russia

You guys should have heard of Pokemon go one way or the other. Pokemon go of late ravaged the world, thrusting western communities into a gaming craze. It was even that bad that some driver ran into and killed someone while playing Pokemon go right on the driving wheels.

Although it is not officially in Nigeria, I know of some dudes who still play it in Lagos. And now one Russian YouTube star has been in detention for about two months now as he stands to face about five years in prison time, according to reports from the Guardian.

What do you think he committed, he attempted buying a cup of rice at N20 here in Nigeria? No it was something less trivial though. He was simply playing Pokémon Go in a church sometime at the beginning of this month. His arrest was sort of permitted by Article 282 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code, which forbids “incitement of hatred or enmity, as well as abasement of human dignity.”

Although Sokolovsky has filed an appeal. In the video that came before his arrest, he was standing in front of the Church of All Saints airing his doubt that he could eventually get arrested, as The Moscow Times translates: “This is complete nonsense … Who could get offended if you’re just walking around with your smart phone in a church?” As of this writing, the video is approaching a million views.

To me down here in Nigeria, this sounds pretty funny. But then the incidence loses its comic spice when you similarly consider that a dude here was equally arrested for naming his dog Buhari. Supposedly the church is a holy ground as Moses didn’t really wear his shoes there least you take attempt Pokemon go there. But not withstanding we could still have churches where the pastor forgets his bible at home but dares not forget to put his P.O.S on his pulpit.

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