It is possibly the LG V20 may come in three colors

Life is good actually, but then LG has not been making life any better by keeping us all on a tight rope;whipping us with suspense as we await the LG V20. LG has perfectly been sewing a red carpet in our minds so that the upcoming LG V20 has a honorable welcome. This it does by pipping in snippets of what is to come from the LG V20.

It is possibly the LG V20 may come in three colors

Yeah, of late LG has been so immersed in building heavy hype for the soon-to-come LG V20 with small teasers. But then one cat jumped out of the bag, and it really meowed so loudly. Yes, the revelation is that – the LG V20 will be presented in three colors!

The info was sourced from a trademark application which was filed in South Korea that actually makes mention of the colours we are expecting. These three colours in which the LG V20 may come are Sweet Silver, Urban Grey and Romantic Pink. Very well you may see this playful tone in these names and they are really kind of vague – but then really there was not one pic in the application.

We are strongly expecting the The LG V20 later today, September 6 when the audaciously persuasive LG executives will work our mind up terrifically with very appealing pink images of the V20 in Seoul and San Francisco.

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