Tutorial: How can I search for apps and even buy paid apps on Google Play

Let me begin by saying it is possible this may your debut smartphone or possibly your first smartphone which makes use of Android. Of course you are in for a pretty nice time. Surely it all begins with locating some apps to really spice up the user experience of your shiny new phone or even your tablet as the case may be. One way or the other, you are going to find out that Google Play is the app store that Google makes use of.

Certainly one other juicy part is that this Google Play is one very vital piece of Android’s security for the role it plays in scanning apps prior to downloading and even when they have been downloaded. This is as it crucially watches over them for any out-of-place activity. I share your plight if you find first opening up Google Play pretty overwhelming. But hey don’t break a sweat yet. In this guide, we will show you where to best get assistance to get you started!

Now the first thing we will be considering in this tutorial is how you can search for apps on Google Play

In the case where you already have knowledge of the name of the app you are searching for, or even a very particular app type in mind, it is possible for you to search for it instead of the tedious process of thoroughly browsing through app categories.

To start, you will have to click the Google Play icon which appears on your home screen. Next you will have to click on the white search bar which you can see at the top of the screen.

Okay, after this, you can input the very name of the app you already have in mind; or even the type of app you are searching for. When you are through with this, you can click on the search icon on your keyboard. This should be around where you see your Enter key.

Alright. In the case where you are not really certain of what you have in mind, or worse still, the results of your search have not been any helpful, we still have a handful of other alternatives to resort to as to finding apps on Google Play. One major way to this is browsing through Google Play’s Top Charts so as to locate a new app you wish to install.

Now there are a lot of times when the app you so love to download requires you to make a payment first. This is how you do it.

The procedures you follow when buying a paid app is not any much different from the procedures of actually downloading a free one, this how it particularly goes:

Now click on the app demanding you to pay in the search results or even in the categories.
Okay, next you have to click on the price to display the options via which payment can be made.

Basically what it will at first show is your default payment means. In the case where you wish to change this, simply click on the down arrow appearing next to your present (default) payment method.

Next you will have to click on Payment methods.

Make your choice and click on one of your established payment methods. Sometimes you might not really have one. In such conditions,they will require you to add a credit card, a carrier billing or even a PayPal account.

Next you have to click on buy.

The next thing you will have to do is the confirmation of your Google Play password.
So when the payment have been fully processed, the download will now start. So you may move forward by closing the window.

That will be the end of our guide today. Hope this has been a helpful introduction to your exciting Android experience?

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