Do you know Apple pays to tweet without tweeting?

Never knew Apple has felt a bit of what it means to be Nigerian; where you pay for light and still don’t see it. Yeah Apple has been on that painful compatriot end since some five years ago in 2011 when Apple joined Twitter. Since then it has left its account inactive. But this just changed.

Do you know Apple pays to tweet without tweeting?

Very lately, we noticed that Apple’s Twitter account had been unusually decorated with a new avatar, verified status as well as background photo. This is prior to Apple’s upcoming week event. Apple had made sure it accounts were clean of tweets for most of Friday. But this changed when a promoted tweet began appearing later in the day. This tweets particularly made reference to the event which will be taking place next week. Although the tweet did not really appear on Apple’s timeline, as of now the company still boasts 0 tweets.

The implication of this move is that Apple has been charged payments to tweet yet it doesn’t really tweet. Apple is yet to issue a public tweet since 2011 when the company joined Twitter. Although Apple’s promotional tweet is designed in such a way that it triggers an automatic tweet reply to anyone who happens to engage in retweeting it. Looking at things from this way, we see that technically, Apple has tweeted more than 20,000 times without ever really tweeting proper.

Back in the beginning of the year, February to be precise; Samsung had deployed paid tweets (dark tweets) in a promotional push for its very phone. And now the strategy Apple seems to be operating is majorly connected to this single promotional tweet for now.

Also, Apple has bought a custom hashtag emoji for Twitter, this joins the auto responder already in Apple’s possession. It is of interest however, if we will see Apple trying to stick to this less pronounced approach to design and Twitter by keeping on with paid tweets after next week when it has its all important media event.

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