Instagram for iOS finally lets you pinch to zoom on photos and videos

After what seems like eternity, Instagram is finally bringing the pinch to zoom on photos and videos to iOS users. If we are honest, it shouldn’t really have taken Instagram this long to roll out this feature to an app. In fact, it should have been there from the beginning.

Instagram for iOS finally lets you pinch to zoom on photos and videos

Well Instagram’s first nature rotates about videos and pictures thus it safe to say pinching to zoom on images and videos is kind of second nature on a device rocking a touchscreen. We can’t really hide our disappointment that Instagram is finally choosing to add this capacity to its app just now- though this update is yet limited to its iOS users; android will have to chill first.

Supposedly, in a matter of few weeks, we should be expecting android support for this feature. But till that comes, Instagram users who at present make use of an iPhone or iPad will be having the delight of playing around with this feature first. Though it is pretty cool the way this update works on the iPhone.

Yet don’t get too expectant and excited, this is not that out-of-the-world, phenomenal technology, it is cool to caption it as just functionality which we should have had way back. After all it is almost that very pinch gesture you already acquainted to. There is practically no big new thing to learn here.

So having this mind, when you remove your fingers from the screen, the video or photo will not remain zoomed in. The implication of this is that this is optimally used strictly for peeking at some really little details you may not adequately see. Still don’t forget that if you take the zooming on an extreme, you stand to see individual pixels, for the fact that 1080×1080 is the upload cap Instagram observes.

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